Saturday, May 28, 2011

MELT November 2011

Here's a photo update from MELT November 2011.

This guy's name is Justin and he is way rad. I met him a few month before this photo was taken, he is my neighbor down the street and our kids are best friends. What stands out most in memory from this MELT is that a small group of close friends got to witness Justin marry his wife Shannon underneath a huge beautiful tree on the NAU campus grounds. Almost all of us recall this as "the best wedding ever." There was no dress, no cake, no stress. But it was real and it was funny and it meant something. So we were all glad to have been there to witness. And I got to sign the marriage license as a witness!

This was, at the time, the newest project I was displaying at MELT. It has since broken. I have fixed it many times, but I think it will stay broke (email me for instructions on how to not make a clock.) I'm not too sad about it though. It was the first clock I ever made and a lot of thought went into it. I think I can probably replace the second hand mechanism completely. But it was the first and I learned something about making clocks, or rather how to not make them. I will definitely make more clocks in the future.

DJ Danimal, a local DJ from Flagstaff opened up for the night.

Nicole and Jake helping get set up pre-MELT.

Lexi's drawing that she worked on that evening. I snapped this over her shoulder.


The first formation of the Sonny/Lexi/Holly/Jake sandwich. This formation will be repeated in future MELT photos. (What you are viewing is a rare photo of the artist in their natural environment, and you can see, they group up like a herd for protection...)

These drawings in the center were done by my husband John.


This photo and the one below were done by the ever so talented Hannah Walsh who painted with us that evening.

More Jake.

Jeremy Green.

Me and Jake. This new cherry blossom piece that I did now hangs in my daughter's room.

The newlyweds! Justin and Shannon. Awww....

Me at work.

Donald Jindra.


me and jake.

Last one of me.

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