Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breakfast in Bed pillow!

There is a new item that just went up for sale on our Etsy store. I made this pillow a couple months ago, but just now got around to taking some good photos of it and now it is for sale. This 20" x 16" pillow is hand sewn and embroidered. The brown fabric is very soft and I found it in a bargain bin and didn't know what I would make with it, but I had to have it. The food items are 3 dimensional and made of felt.

There is a bit of a story behind why I came up with this idea. The day that my husband proposed to me, he surprised me on Mother's Day. I awoke on Mother's Day and was surprised with gifts, cards, flowers, and a lovely breakfast in bed. I was very happy and already thought the day was perfect. I had no idea. After I had finished my breakfast, my husband took the tray away and then got down on one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. Since then, I have always loved breakfast in bed.

Years later, I gave birth to a daughter. During the early weeks of her life, my husband prepared breakfast in bed for me on a regular basis. One day I said "I love eating in bed. I wish I could do it every morning." Another day I was very groggy and hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. I said "I'm so sleepy, I wish I could just cuddle up to this warm plate of food and go back to sleep." That's when the idea came to me of what I would do with this brown fabric I had recently purchased.

This pillow was very fun to make, but probably took the longest of all my completed projects. The strawberries were surprisingly easy to figure out how to make the little "seeds" appear with the yellow embroidery thread. The napkin and fork were much more difficult. First it took me a couple trips around town to find the right fabrics. Then I probably discarded 4 forks as I couldn't make the tines look right. The cup of coffee proved a little challenging as I had to make a flat object look 3 dimensional. The plate and all the other food items were the easiest. The whole thing just took a little patience. But, in the meantime of sewing this, I found that I was a huge fan of the show LOST. Since Hulu was streaming all five seasons, I could go back and watch the whole show. So this pillow was made with lots of love behind it. And also LOST.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We have an Etsy store!

Here is a look at some of our completed projects that are currently for sale on our Etsy store. It can be found here:

Tweedle Dee/Dum car air freshener hand sewn by Amy.

Luchadore Car Air freshener hand sewn by Amy

Woodstock car air freshener hand sewn by Amy

Camera cozy hand sewn by Amy.

Break dancer painting done by Holly.

Cherry blossoms painting done by Holly.

Who is Alice's Address?

Alice's Address is the collaborative creative vision of two very dear friends, Amy and Holly.

Amy and Holly met in the tenth grade. Later, in their early twenties they found each other again after high school and have been thick as thieves since then.

Meet Amy

Besides being skilled in arts and crafts, interior design, sewing, and able to kick your butt in Judo and Nawasa; Amy is a devoted wife and mother of two who makes family and faith number one and has an incessantly hopeful outlook, no matter how dark things get in life.

Now meet Holly

Also a devoted wife and mother of two, Holly is the yang to Amy's yin. Her weapon of choice to combat life's rough times is sarcasm and dark humor. A former musician, a frustrated writer, Holly finds her peace in life buried in a book with a burning cigarette, and being the painter and blog author of this creative duet.

Check back as this blog will (hopefully) be updated regularly chronicling the successes and failures of our creative endeavors. Also to look forward to: DIY tips and seeing the process of our creations.