Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Clock

So back in November I made this clock. At the time, it worked fine. I believe that me messing with the ticking mechanisms too often and packing it around from travel to Flagstaff caused the clock to become damaged.
Anyway, around the face of the clock are the 12 zodiac symbols alternating colors shapes of navy and dark red. On the gold band outside of that are all the names of the months in Greek (not using the Greek alphabet) and Latin. So one of my regrets is that I wish I'd used the Greek alphabet.
Anyway, outside of that sphere are the phases of the moon revolving around the clock. This clock face was painted on a 12x12 square canvas. Then I dissembled a regular clock and took scissors and punctured a hole through the center of the canvas. I pushed the clock bits through this hole and glued the back onto the canvas, then replaced the hands on the clock.
For the ticking second hand, I had to use a really light weight piece of material for the second hand dial face. So I used black card stock and cut out a small viewing circle. This was glued delicately onto to the fragile second hand and then was the second hand was fitted back into it's mechanism. As the second hand dial rotates a different picture comes into view through the hole I cut out. It shows 6 phases of a human life.

It starts with a fetus.

10 seconds later the picture changes to a child. (Not pictured: 20 seconds - teenager. 30 seconds- adult.)

At 40 seconds we see a picture of an senior adult with a cane.

And at 50 seconds we see a picture of a tombstone. Then we see the fetus again. Every 60 seconds an entire human life.

So that is the story of the clock, which I had on display (in proper working order) in November.

Pictured: All the art that was hanging in my studio at the time in November 2011.

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